Modding: Player’s Guide/Getting Started

Want Stardew Valley with games? fashion This guide you!


A mod is simply a file that modifies Stardew in one way or another. Mods can include features (e.g. showing NPCs all over the map), changing the gameplay slowdown mechanics (like breaking fences), vanity changes (like turning your house into a hobbit), and more.

  1. Install SMAPI. This is a loading machine mod for Stardew Valley. Your product launches a game with a mod and allows mods to directly interact with that particular game code. It is safely installed next to your game, normal and you can remove it at any time.
  2. Extract mods

  3. directly to Mods.


Getting Started

Install SMAPI

You may need to install the SMAPI module loader first. Click on the right link for more information:

  • Android instructions
  • Instructions for Linux
  • Mac Instructions
  • Instructions for Windows

Search Mods

  • Most Popular Nexus Mods
  • Recommendations for the first game;
  • Search for mods here:

    website description Most links modifications posted mods here.
    But you need a website, it’s free; You simply cannot select a package when registering as an individual. can you use your client t Vortex (Windows only) to install/manage you mods, you can download them manually. Many moddrop mods are published here.
    You can use their ModDrop client (windows only) to automatically install/manage/update your mods or directly download mods from the website without any registration which is not required . Chucklefish Changes A number of old mods are hosted here, although they are usually found on Or nexus ModDrop as well. Official some forums

    This is where the

    mods are created, most of them though are also related to Nexus ModDrop or . Chucklefish Forums some older mods will be posted directly to the Chucklefish forums. Some gems are only stored here, but they can be a problem to find.
  • Before downloading a mod, make sure it has the latest version of the game installed. For SMAPI mods, check the SMAPI mods compatibility list frequently; can des automatically disable most incompatible SMAPI mods. You are on your own XNB for mods to try. at; Read the review of the mod or comment on it.

    Find The Trusted Game Folder

    Next, you need to open the Who folder (the one containing the Stardew Valley .exe file). Here you can find it by default:

    platform path GOG: C:\Programs window (x86)\GOG Galaxy\Games\Stardew Valley
    or C:\GOG Games\Stardew Valley
    Steam: C:\Programs ( x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Stardew Valley /storage/emulated/0/StardewValley/Mods
    (usually Android tracking management applications show StardewValley exact root directory) Linux GOG: ~/GOGGames/StardewValley/game
    Steam: ~/.local/share/Steam/steamapps/common/Stardew Valley Poppy GOG: /Applications/Stardew
    Steam: ~/Library/Application Support/Steam/SteamApps/common/Stardew Valley/Contents/MacOS plus

    2: Options option via Search
    1. smapi Run SMAPI.Enter
    2. Enter this command in the general SMAPI console (the second window where the game opens):
    Option 3. Search for Steam
    1. Open the Steam client with the right
    2. Click on Stardew Valley.
    3. PressClick “Properties”.
    4. Click on the Local Files tab.
    5. Click the “Browse local files…” button to open the online game folder.
    Option 4: Use it to find Galaxy gog
    1. Galaxy gog open client
    2. Right-click Stardew in the valley sidebar of the game.
    3. Choose “Manage Install Folder” > “Show” to open the corresponding game folder.

    Install Mods

    To install an absolute mod, unzip it into the Mods folder in the game folder. Make sure each mod has its own ending subfolder with no number. For the post, if you have the PineapplesEverywhere mod, the families should have this assembly file:

    Stardew Valley/
     Pineapples Pineapple everywhere. dll

  • If you have multiple mods together, you can organize them into subfolders. SMAPI automatically searches each folder until it finds only one file.

    Stardew Valley/
          fruit modifications/
             pineapples everywhere/
             Apples are divided /
     null ApplesNowhere.dll
              manifest .json
  • To disable a folder, simply put a dot in front of the user’s folder (for example, Name.mods disabled). If Windows doesn’t allow it, also put a dot at the end and leave them (for example, .disabled mods.).
  • Load the mods into a folder other than Mods, unzip them there, and then move the folders directly into the Mods folder. This helps avoid extra file errors.
  • If you have a file like PineapplesEverywhere-1234567890, check the mod’s actual folder. These folders most often contain folders and selected readme files.
  • Customize Fashion Mods

    What’s going on with Windows 10 at Sun Valley?

    However, sources close to Microsoft were able to get a few inside details about what’s going on around the project. Sun Valley updates the look and feel of the 10 windows user interface. This includes self-rounded button corners, smartphone app windows, and shell elements such as the start menu, start action, file explorer, and its dialog boxes.

    Some now have a config.json file in most of their mods folder, which can usually be used to configure mod options. The file is usually created when you launch the game for the first time the time the mod is installed.

    What is Bash in Windows 10 and how to use it?

    The ability to use on 10 windows has become a reality thanks to a collaboration between Microsoft and Canonical (the parent company of Ubuntu). Bash Windows 10 offers various benefits: with Bash, you can create bash scripts, change the local Windows file system, use various NIX command line utilities, and much more.

    To overwrite the config.json file, simply open it in a text editor. While editing, make sure the game is not running, otherwise your new changes may not take effect. See any basic guide toJSON; Just make sure your values ​​are enclosed in quotes (eg "value"). You can use this JSON validator to make sure the format is correct.

    Update Mods

    To update the mod, just replace the files, as in newer versions (don’t forget to save the generated config like.json files). Download

    1. Upload the new version of the mod.
    2. On the mod’s page, you’ll find a simple memorandum for updating instructions. Unpack
    3. in a different location (not in the Mods folder).
    4. Open both the old and the new mod directories so that manifest.json is visible for both.
    5. Copy all files/subfolders to the folder that was used to create the folder.

    Remove Mods

    Usually remove the first mod from the Mods folder, delete that one. Be sure to visit the Check web Mod site if specific removal instructions are mentioned there.

    XNB Changes

    XNB Mods replaces the PC version in the Content folder of your game with the purchased version. mod If it contains .xnb files and not manifest.json files, then it is an XNB mod. this is often an old type of mod that is no longer recommendedpouts. but Modding:Using check Mods xnb if you are interested now.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What Platforms Are Mods Allowed On?

    platform mod support pc Linux – fully supported Poppy – definitely supported Windows – fully supported console

    radio button

    Nintendo – definitely mod support PS4 – no mod support Xbox One – no mod support Mobile Android – the vast majority of supported mods iOS – no mod support

    Almost any mod will work on any supported platform, as SMAPI rewrites these mods for compatibility.

    Can Mods Corrupt My Save?

    Yes, but it’s rarely extreme. Several mods affect your bookmarks file. If you evade them, the mods are unlikely to damage your save file. In many if cases, you the last time you canceled the save, can you fix save.are you damaged?

    Is testing underway for Windows Sun Valley update?

    Yesterday, a Microsoft support document inadvertently revealed that a “Windows Sun Valley” update is currently being tested.

    If you’re worried, back up low quality files from time to time. This is highly recommended unless you are using mods as much, as saved game corruption is almost always caused by the game itself. SMAPI usually creates daily backups automatically; you can get them from main

    How to Fix MTG Arena Installer Errors [Complete Guide]


    Magic: Gathered (MTG Arena) is a fully playable digital plastic collectible game. It is available for Windows platforms. Many users reported an error while updating MTG Arena error data on Windows screen recently. dot Usually errors are updated due to bad proxy settings.may

    But there may be a number of restrictions imposed by the game servers or ISPs that appear to be causing the update error message to be displayed on your test Windows. The error occurs when companies launch the game. The error message can certainly be read like this:

    Clicking the “Retry” button will also open the game’s main page when entering credentials to continue, and users will again receive an error message. To find the correct solution to this problem, you should use the following workarounds:

    Fixes For MTG Arena When Updating Corrupted Data

    Solution 1: Disable Windows proxy settings

    The poker game is unable to connect to the servers and is therefore showing our own update error whenThe network connection uses proxy environments. This is in your situation, you need to disable the proxy. Even if you are using a non-proxy system, disable the appropriate locations below:

  • Close the MTG Arena list first,
  • Now right-click the Windows button and select Preferences.
  • In the split window, click Network and Internet.
  • Access proxy server disable and current auto-detect settings to your right. uncheck
  • Then the “Use configuration script” checkbox.
  • Disable Use this proxy now
  • Launch MTG Arena afterwards. You will actually see a message checking for updates.
  • Wait for the update to complete
  • When finished, launch MTG Arena and check if the issue is resolved.
  • Solution 2: Use a VPN

    There may be a new reason why your ISP or game companies have regional due to a limitation that the mtg arena error occurs when overwriting data. We recommend using a VPN as it will help you bypass the restriction:

  • If you log out of the Internetdownload and install the VPN.
  • Run it and connect to the secondary site
  • Then start the game
  • If an update is in progress, please wait for the update to complete
  • On completion, make sure the game runs without error,
  • Now use disable your VPN and start the game.
  • Solution 3: Use the Epic Game Launcher

    If the problem is solved, it’s not better to uninstall the game and play it through the Epic Game Zu Une Launcher – a separate platform once and for all. MTG Arena is available as an app on the Epic Games Store:

  • Close the box, press Win+S to suggest Windows search.panel
  • Enter controls and click on the corresponding result.
  • Click and uninstall the program
  • In the list of installed programs, right-click Magic the Gathering online and select Uninstall.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation.
  • Then restart your device.
  • After launching the console, launch the browser to access the Epic Games MTG Arena document
  • Login with all your Games, epic credentials or register
  • Nowclick on “Get” the MTG Arena pages.
  • Press button to ‘Buy’, continue (sport is free, so definitely free).
  • Launch the game and from now on in the Epic Game in the launcher,
  • Log in using your MTG Arena login details and you will see that the case is closed.
  • If none of this works, it may be due to general issues that prevent the mtg arena from updating data. We recommend that you use your automatic tool, PC Repair Tool, to fix all existing Windows problems and get the best possible result.


    Here it is! We have provided all possible fixes you should try to avoid MTG settings error when updating data. I hope these fixes really help you. If you have problems with any of the steps commonly mentioned in the ways and means mentioned, you can comment below.

    </p> <div> <div> <div> <div> <img%3Csvg%20xmlns=''%20viewBox='0%200%2096%2096'%3E%3C/svg%3E"> Adams</div> <div> <p>Matthew </p> <p> Windows and software expertTo your security</p> </div> </div> <div> <p> Matthew is a freelancer who has written numerous articles on various technology related topics. It mainly focuses on each of our systems and operating windows on related tips. He is happy…</p> <p>continue reading </p></div> </div> </div> <p>

    MTG Arena is often one of the latest collectible card games for Windows and mobile platforms.

    While most fighters can install this game without too much trouble, some players have experienced installation issues either when trying to install MTGA in the first few minutes or when updating the game. You

    If you’re having a problem with the fixed MTG arena, check the installer for possible fixes below.

    How To Fix Errors In All MTG Arena Installations?

    1. Run This Special Mtga Installer As Administrator

    1. Open the folder containing the installer. You are right
    2. Click on the MTGA installer file.
    3. Select “Run as administrator” option to start the installation process.

    2. Just Install The Game In A New Team Account

    1. Type admin in the search field and open it.
    2. Run the following command: net Administrators localgroup user /add name (replace user name with the name of your end user account)
    3. Exit
    4. Log in with a new administrator account.

    3.Fixed A Bug When Reading A Manually Registered Error

    1. Some users have reported that a file reading error occurs directly when installing MTG Arena. To resolve this issue, open File Explorer.
    2. Select the “Hidden Items” option on the appropriate “View” tab.path
    3. Open to this folder: from your c:/users/Users/AppData/Local/Temp.
    4. Right click the folder and select temp properties.
    5. Select the Security tab.
    6. If some group or user box names do not contain the word system, click the “Edit” button. Click
    7. Then click the Add button to display the window directly below the lens.
    8. Enter the SYSTEM file in the object naming system, and click OK. select
    9. Then “Group” or a specific name in the system field.option
    10. Select Full Control in the Allow column.
    11. Click the Apply button.
    12. Select OK.

    4. Run The MTGA Installer From The Command Line

    In order to fix last year’s issue with the MTG Arena installer, the MTG Arena administrator added a download link to the gaming forum for a powerful alternative MSI MTGA installer for. See

    Simply upload the alternative tech file and follow the instructions on the full setup screen.

    5. Disable Third-party Antivirus

    Some users have confirmed problems with MTGA by weakening their anti-virus software.

    The exact steps to disable third-party antivirus software for a short periodod are platform dependent.

    You can usually disable service protection by right-clicking on any antivirus toolbar and selecting the appropriate option, like the one shown below (Avast).

    6. Disable Windows Firewall

    1. If you haven’t installed a laptop or third party antivirus, try disabling Windows Firewall before installing MTG Arena. Open the Windows 10 search window.
    2. Enter firewall in the search box.Defender
    3. Click Windows Firewall to directly open the Control Panel applet shown below.
    4. Click “Turn off Windows Defender Firewall” or “Disable” to open the options in the direct image below.
    5. Press the R/C buttons to turn off Windows Defender Firewall.
    6. Click OK.

    This is one of the best MTG installer arena bug fixes. However, if you still need higher permissions, please submit a support ticket on the MTG Arena submission page.

    I have a problem with Windows Restore

    Hi, we need to add moldings to our new bathroom, but we just noticed that our screen is quite tall. How can we agree on the area where the meets the border? window A

    Cut a slot in the crown and put in a window? on Will it work well in terms of looks?

    • palimpsest

      8 let ago

      last adjusted: 7 years ago

      You can change the window trim directly then transfer the best molding to the flat trim by pulling it from the top of the window.

    •  Src=

      There are 8 growth cycles

      Last edit: 7 years ago

      What should your crown look like? Will the molding around the top of the window be more massive? If possible, I would consider including it in a way that integrates with crown.

      If the hotel room is not big enough, you just need to lock a few crowns on each side of the door. I think it’s called payment.

      If you have a hanging window, you can also make a la window sill that connects to the la window sill. I couldn’t find a direct link to the photo, but it’s posted on this page, then halfway to the right.

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      Can you consider making the planks, raised or flat, always at the bottom/top of every window, with this crown molding protruding above the top panel rail. The control could be simpler or prettier depending on what kind of view the client wants. I would install a thicker continuous sill to help balance the top of the BTM and some parts of the window. See attached rendering.

      How do you fill the gap between crown molding and ceiling?


      12′ Threshold, 71/2″ Delay to ceiling, is it possible to make a crown shape?


      Comments (13)

      Okay, reconsider the shape of the crown as it matches the soffit around the entire room around New Ideas. room is 28ft.19ft.I have seen this room before and also the length of this room.I have a large ceramic tile floor (24 x which is 16) that spans the length of the room.When I do the beams to connect with cabinets painted in nutmeg color, what guidelines should the beams have, whether they should be length or width.

      …Show more

      White and natural windows- white cascades – What to do with moldings and mouldings?


      Comments (1)

      < p>I should probably add that built-in wardrobes are quick cabinets coming from the people who worked on all of our kitchen and bathroom cabinets (which are wood, so not scripted) and painted the Special in the store, so just repainting their interiors isn’t the smartest choice – I don’t want to either no cream cabinets to be honest I’ve always wanted cream colored windows!


      What else should I do, moldings moldings?

      p> and p>


      Comments (22 )

      Patricia, if the blankets looked like the picture, I would definitely left. The ceilings in this residential area are far from beautiful. It was probably your own texture, and judging by the compiler of this rating, I’m wondering if it was just a time saver. Despite this, the ceilings inside are all in a good condition and in a fairly good condition. The ground floor is probably influenced by the fact that the kitchen and dining area have a solid glued ceiling. I don’t think two different guys will look good. aim, butFrom the design it can be difficult to find someone and difficult. I also like the bar with the crown, but I was wondering if it would suit the colonial style. Degreaser coating and rocker coating are good, but expensive. It’s not even as much as this return or no cost because more is definitely why you do something and take 3 to 4000 unnecessarily. That’s why I value opinions more, because after so many houses I have tunnel vision from time to time.

      …Show more

  • Can crown molding be repaired?


    jrueter years ago

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    < more p >I didn’t choose because I was waiting for feedback. But I thought 3 1/4, otherwise 4, like 1/4, and it did not work out significantly in terms of procedures and ridges. Tells gc that it can carve your own and traverse the panel window slot. Pretty sure it won’t look good. Better yet, completely replace the thinwindow to a simpler one. Or the thinner it is, there’s just room for a crown on top. But the window is quite high.

    Why is my crown molding separating?

    Thank you

  • Palimpsest

    Why does my blend door actuator keep going out?

    You can go to the interior trim panel then windows, slide the front molding over the flat trim and extend it around the top of the window.


    How big will your colossal crown be? Will it be much larger than the panel above with the window? Maybe if I tried to fit it to the crown. As both the last and last image on this web link: http://ttecustomhomes.for

    If that’s not enough com/portfolio-2/ceilings/, you may need to paint the most popular ones on both sides of the window frame.

    If you have hinged windows, you can also make a round canopy tied to the crown on the window. I couldn’t find a direct link to the image, but there is a link on the right, about half way down this page.

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    < div >< p>Perhaps I should add that built-in wardrobes are pretty much cabinets made by guys who take all of our kitchen and bathroom drawers (which are wooden so not much to say) and have them specially painted in some stores so just repainting the small fixtures is an option, not and cream fixtures I don’t need more than cream colored windows!

    Why should I never clone a Windows-based computer?

    Can crown molding be repaired?

    With the right choice of material, you can eliminate dents, cracks and gaps between individual elements as finishes, shown in the four processes listed below. Gaps Fill between molding and ceiling with Loctite Heavy Duty Sealant or Loctite Polyseamseal.