The Demon is literally a map structure in the Adventure Heroes of Strength, Magic I, Heroes of Strength, and Magic II.

When a hero enters a demon’s lair, they may encounter a demon, and one of two things will happen:

  • The demon attacks them, but the sensei kills the demon (the real game does not start) and gets either 1000 XP or 2500 gold and 1000 XP.
  • The demon asks for 2500 precious metals. If the hero does not make any purchases, the demons will immediately kill the hero, just like Map les.Heroes
  • In Might and Magic II, the hero can also choose when to have a Discord Demon minion in his army. This results in working against a group of earth elementals, which if the player is fantastic and gets the same rewards as if the hero had defeated the devil in single combat.

    After the meeting, the demon disappears from the cave that was currently emerging, it is empty.


    Hero I

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    Heroes II

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    Daemon Heroes (Game Boy)

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    Greetings, ladies and gentlemen.
    I am returning to you from the desert.

    I mean, I spent five months moving into my new apartment, enjoying Christmas, and then looking for a cable that would allow me to easily connect my camera to my computer.

    So I have something new to confirm!

    New apartment

    I have a new playroom and lounge where I can turn around in the kitchen and play at work instead of relying on a one-minute walk to town to get things done. It’s a miracle, it’s my hobby!

    As soon as the table was set, I immediately invited my friends to play with me, and at the end of the day we had a three-way battle of 3300 points each. Against orcs Chaos Marines against 30,000 Mechanicums.Excellent
    Financial prosperity with Chinese snacks and beer! I was able to get some candid shots of this fight, but there were very few shots of a clear table without blur… thank goodness.
    see the battlefield!

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    Lord of the Titans

    I bought a Warlord Titan!
    Until then,I only had a bolt action rifle, the parts arrived just after the holidays and I was very happy to be able to take some pictures… What a

    “Am I in a collision?”


    I’ll substitute this thing… so what about the looter’s actions.

    In the process, I took these pictures, partially assembling the torso of my titan

    To some annoyance, it turns out that I didn’t pay enough for the coins, so I’m going to withdraw these so that the coins are safe to
    That’s the problem with typed components…
    For the curious, unpainted is usually the circle on the side of the chassis where I placed another model (with its approximate base) on top of the part when I spray-painted it.
    This amount should be transferred over the shoulder, so I realized that it does not matter much.

    Surprisingly, the tank is no doubt big enough to drive a tank…

    Anyway, as soon as I restore my secondary photo box, I will update my block. g MUCH more times. and that I have a real impulse that I can spend on the leader. I think Saturday will devote everything to this.this
    I don’t leave the house every day. Hope to do a lot!

    Servants of the Dark Mechanicum

    I’ve had a lot of fun doing this, gradually building all types of demonic engines over the years that I’ve had this handy blog, so longtime readers know exactly what I’m talking about…
    I thought it was made that I make infantry with time to go with the monsters.
    But don’t you think that any old cultist would become a marine, they always have to be dark, some grubbls and john blancian. So
    I dismantled my tray and a bunch of dark eldar parts…
    I really hope you agree with that, the end result speaks for itself!

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    I really like the rear ones, although there are three, both full, with completed bases.

    I’ve been working on the codes before, but the main idea is thatoh he’s either a follower or he could eventually fill that role, including squad leaders and traitor skitarii cultists.
    They can be upgraded, but they are not intended to continue the single player game. You – can – give them almost any plasma cannon and customize them for mobile special weapon units, or give them to cultists as any basic leadership bonus and many dependent bonuses, from equipment.

    His second slot next to Herethek Magos should be used to increase him and grant bodyguard power.
    For them, I mainly used Eldar fragments and blacks from the sources of the Als skitarii part for Ruststalker. Added a few unnecessary plasma kits (mostly servo-skulls and therefore cannons).

    Next, magicians. I picked up Everchosen Gaunt Summoner, I think I can make some people interesting by adding DEldar Admech parts to it and… Others

    30,000 Mechanicum

    Among other things, a few weeks ago I was at the main event of the Horus Heresy in Nottingham. I had a great time at (despite the fact that my husband and I tooklast place in the league), but will definitely be back by June/July

    However, in preparation, I spent several days preparing my army, so now only one model is fully electroplated.
    I only built the Macrocarid explorer with the Raider land kit, proteus, provided my Mechanicum Existing Raider land is no longer part of the group roster. I’m happy to report that in some of the five actual tournament matches I’ve played, this instance has only been destroyed once.

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    I also built and painted a faithful knight Atrapos.Posterai

    I regularly photograph the Macrocarid Atrapos the next morning (probably in the evening).

    General demos in Learned; The Tournament Mechanicum can be good at close quarters, but when it’s useful, it uses the right units.
    I deployed my True Mages (specialists in attacking the Malagra in combat) at close range with a squadron of Thallaxia-type Ferroxes. The special Rage rule was supposed to make it even more critical, but in practice, I never really enjoyed the house.
    I also learned that I REALLY need more technology, that’s how I’m going to enchant the transport. Become
    So at some point I will say when you should buy Triaros Transporters.

    My guess would be that Ferrox mostly burned out, so I bought some Scyllax mother machines to fill that role. They won’t know how to fight my army or navy, but I usually use a Magos with a jetpack. Maybe if I lose my jetpack and replace it while I drink, they’ll be fine


    The Solars actually won against the Solar Auxilia, even though the War Tournament was my first personal encounter with them. My previous encounters were when they acted as allies associated with an army like the Sons of Horus, so I never really understood what they were good at.

    As a personal favorite of mine, dear readers know that I’m looking to build an army of Solar Auxiliaries, and I currently have a sale on the Squad Leader/Legate, Assault Squad, and Arvus Lighter being built for them.< br>