What are the causes of computer repair and how to fix it

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The quality of homework is zero. After I first used your current Y00 bit, the tip was slightly bent. You can see this in the visualization on the left side of the top. After one use, get down to business. I bought it because it had a T3 bit which I needed in the kit. After that, the bit got completely tangled up and I still haven’t completely removed the screw I wanted. As another reviewer mentioned, the components are not hardened and this is proof that they are not.

I love the look of the whole kit. But it’s so sad that the quality of these tracks you have is really clumsy. For this $70 set, it has to be top notch, not just pretty. Also, where of course it doesn’t state where it’s made on the packaging material or on their valuable website. He could tell by that line, but A code I couldn’t remove without destroying this one. After some research, I found out that both men and women are made in China. Don’t quote that everything made in China is bad, they do really great things, but not all suppliers are the same and cut costs where they can.

These parts shouldn’t last long. long and this company knows it and that’s why they have a lifetime warranty on them. It is probably cheaper for him to replace defective/broken parts than to make better ones.

You can also purchase other higher quality kits made in the USA or Germany at the retail price. They will cost you a little more in the long run, but will last longer than these parts and most likely a lifetime.

I am returning them and will never buy from them again.

1.0 Complete out of 5 stars

At $70, this is a crappy buy.