EMM database error 196

NOTE. If anything, in particular the EMM Digital Tech Global error (196) or the [NBDB] database is not available, in most cases it is a network problem between your media and the EMM server, look at the host machine or bp. conf for a typo or REQUIERED_INTERFACE that can’t connect to the EMM database.

An underlying disk drive was found that may be related to an application cluster server call. This is the disk pool on which the NBEMMCMD command failed. Delete the base disk storage unit that points to the application cluster server.

When I click change storage device in the GUI to change the number, it doesn’t show up. Instance load is very high.

It used to take about 5-10 minutes when I clicked “Set up storage device”.

Unlike our pro or anyone else, this is due to two network servers having a problem with the EMM server. (EMM is also a successful server).

bash-2.03# ./bpclntcmd -hn sf880dss
Host sf880dss: sf880dss is available at (0xa0a012e)
Alias: sf880dss.geocell.com.ge loghost

bash-2.03# ./bpclntcmd -ip address
checkhaddr: host: sf880dss: sf880dss on (0xa0a012e)
checkhaddr: alias: sf880dss.geocell.com.ge loghost

bash-2.03# ./bpclntcmd -self
current domain = geocell.com.ge
But NIS doesn’t seem to work: (10) can never contact ypbind
gethostname() returned: sf880dss
Host sf880dss: sf880dss at (0xa0a012e)
Alias: sf880dss.geocell.com.ge loghost

You can see from above that the connection with the outside world is normal. But when running a new next command, we got an error.

bash-2.03# ./nbemmcmd -getemmserver
NBEMMCMD version 6.5
Failed to initialize EMM connection. Have network access rightsto the EMM server and that the nbemm and pbx_exchange services are running on the EMM server. (195)
The command was not 100% successful.

We received the following error from the core server when running the after command

P.S. we also have seven other media servers. A little problem with them.

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After upgrading to MP2, I can’t add ideas to vmadd using vmpool?

Eustache Fernandez

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Perhaps you did an nbdata (no docs in front of me) -push command?

populate the database?

Can’t add pansies to vmadd or vmpool after upgrading to MP2?


How do I fix the EMM connection error in NetBackup?

Stop all NetBackup services on the Expert-in server: 2. Check for active steps using the -‚Äč etbackup\bin\bpps -a command. 3. Delete/end everything if you find Jogger servers: 5. To see the aspect ratio (probably due to an EMM working ratios bug): 6.

Why should I populate the database, I only apply the sectionMP2 no

Upgrading from another version?

In any case, this is usually the nbdata or nbdb_upgrade command.

Nbdb_upgrade -dbn NBDB starts successfully in MP2 patch


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Subject: Subject: [Veritas-bu] EMM database error 196

Did you run the nbdata command (don’t create documents before me)?

Populate the database?

I can’t add aspects to vmadd or vmpool after migrating to MP2?



The control was NBPUSHDATA.

You never said that you used all versions of the NBU – I think

Justin thought it was the EMM database, separate version 6.0!

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Why should I implement to complete the repertoire, I only apply for the MP2 period No

Upgrading from another version?

In any case, what counts as a command is nbdata nbdb_upgrade and/or possibly Nbdb_upgrade -dbn

NBDB was profitable during the Eustace patch


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Have a command like nbdata (no documents in front of me behind me) -push run

populate a specific database?

After upgrading to MP2, I can no longer add ideas to vmadd or vmpool?

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I feel like I have 6.0, andAfter a direct upgrade to MP2, I can’t borrow a new volume

Pool or Media

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How do I perform a consistency check on my NetBackup database?

One is run through the control line command line interface, the other is run through the NetBackup Database Leader utility included with NetBackup 6.5.2 or later. Note. Stop all NetBackup services on the EMM server before performing a speech integrity check.

They never said what version of NBU you were going to use – I guess